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There is an ever growing body of literature about dark tourism, mostly academic, but the topic occasionally crops up in papers and magazines too. The latter often paint a negative picture of dark tourism (in the usual "moral panic" fashion - cf. here), but thankfully there are numerous exceptions too (e.g. this one in German - from the Austrian tourism magazine "FaktuM" 9/2014).
Now and again there are also non-academic books coming out that are related to dark tourism or pick out sub-categories of it. The academic side, however, provides by far the widest range of reading material on dark tourism in print format (as well as in electronic form, of course).   
This is not supposed to be a bibliography, just a short list of selected books that pertain to the general topic of dark tourism and may thus be of interest to readers of this website (those who want to pursue the academic study of dark tourism are referred to the bibliographies in books like Sharpley/Stone 2009 and to the iDTR website):
If a title is hyperlinked, clicking on it will open a review of the work in question.
"Dark Tourism – The Attraction of Death and Disaster " by John Lennon & Malcolm Foley (London: Thomson, 2000)
"The Darker Side of Travel – The Theory and Practice of Dark Tourism" edited by Richard Sharpley & Philip R. Stone (Bristol: Channel View Publications, 2009)
"Dark Tourism and Place Identity" edited by Leanne White & Elspeth Frew (London: Routledge, 2013)
"Memorial Museums – The Global Rush to Commemorate Atrocities" by Paul Williams (Oxford/New York: Berg: 2007)
by H. E. Sawyer (Manchester: Headpress, 2018)
Dark Tourism” by Rebecca Bathory (no place of publication given, Carpet Bombing Culture, 2018)
"No Holiday – 80 Places You Don't Want to Visit" by Martin Cohen (New York: Disinformation, 2006)
"Bad Lands – A Tourist on the Axis of Evil" by Tony Wheeler (Melbourne/Oakland/London: Lonely Planet, 2007)
"Dark Lands", by Tony Wheeler (Melbourne/Oakland/London: Lonely Planet, 2013)   
"Shadow Trails – Adventures in Dark Tourism" by Tom Coote (self-published, 2017)
by Jason Smart (self-published at Smart Travel Publishing, no place of publication given, 2013).
"Hot Spots and Dodgy Places – Travels through North Korea, Sudan and Distant Lands" by Tan Wee Cheng (Singapore: Marshall Cavendish Editions, 2009)
"A Nuclear Family Vacation – Travels in the World of Atomic Weaponry" by Nathan Hodge & Sharon Weinberger (London: Bloomsbury, 2008)
"Concentration Camps – A Traveler's Guide to World War II Sites" by Marc Terrance (Universal Publishers, 2003)
"The 25 Essential World War II Sites – European Theater" by Chuck Thompson (San Francisco: Greenline, 2002)
"The 25 Best World War II Sites – Pacific Theater" by Chuck Thompson (San Francisco: Greenline, 2nd edition 2007)
"Lonely Planet BlueList – the Best in Travel 2007" (Victoria, Australia: Lonely Planet, 2007) includes a special feature on Dark Tourism (pages 122-135)
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