French Guyana

A small country in the north-east of South America, wedged in between Suriname and Brazil as the easternmost of the three small colonial pockets in this corner of the continent (the others being Guyana, formerly British, and Suriname, formerly a Dutch colony).
French Guyana is, as the same implies, a colony of France – in fact a small European island in otherwise Latin America. The currency even is the Euro.
The country is basically known to the world for two things: one is the space centre at Kourou where the French and the European Space Agency (ESA) launch their Ariane rockets into orbit (unless things go wrong, as the frequently have done … in which case they drop into the Atlantic instead …).
The other thing is Devil's Island – and this is the reason why the country features on this Website.
- Devil's Island, former penal colony of "Papillion" fame
Getting to French Guyana is fairly easy from France – partly because of the Kourou space centre, and partly because of the old colonial power's obligation to supply such a link, there are regular scheduled flights from Paris.
There is a small but fine tourism infrastructure, including a number of hotels.

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