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6 March 2019: meanwhile all Malta chapters have been uploaded, also RAF Cosford and all Gibraltar
There's an article about me and dark tourism in the current edition of the prestigious Der Spiegel weekly (in German - available online, but for subscribers only, here - external link, opens in a new window), and a new interview with me in another German paper, this one available in full online (also external link, opens in a new window).
And I've finally managed to finish my review of the recent Netflix series "Dark Tourist"
7 February 2019: I've had my surgery and am recovering fine ...
... time to catch up then. So, what's there to report since the last proper update. Well, the new chapters for Johannesburg (South Africa) are uploaded (and an expanded glossary entry for Apartheid too), plus the updated and expanded chapters for Chernobyl (plus Pripyat, the NPP and Duga) with plenty of new atmospheric winter photos, plus all-new chapters for the Pervomaisk Stategic Missle Base and Slavutych to boot. In addition, a couple more book reviews are new (this and this), and the Malta chapters are all as good as finished too.
I've had a few more interviws as well and in early March will attend a travel trade fair for a panel discussion on dark tourism, and there may be more in the pipeline on the media front that I will put updates about here in due course.
Travel plans for 2019 are coming together nicely too: the summer trip to the Three Guyanas (Guyana, Suriname and French Guiana) has already been fully put to gther and is booked. And at Easter I'll go on a return trip to Japan to cover some new, or renewed sites, and also finally go to Fukushima. Looking further ahead, I hope to do a short trip to Ethiopa at the end of the year as well, but for that nothing concrete has so far been planned.  
24 January 2019: again, I found that this section has been neglected for too long. Lots has happened since the last entry - details following later - and I hope to stay a bit more up to date on this page in the future ... but first of all I have to go to hospital for a (routine) operation and will be out of action for a bit. If all goes well, I should be able to catch up with things in the next few weeks ...  
October 2018: a couple of long overdue book reviews have finally been added to the 'other sources - books' section, one relatively recent publication (Tom Coote's "Shadow Trails"), the other already few years old (Tony Wheeler's "Dark Lands"). 
October 2018: all the new St Helena chapters are now uploaded!
September 2018: I've given quite a few interviews lately, in the wake of the renewed surge in media interest due to that Netflix series "Dark Tourist". I usually post links to the articles that come out of these on DT's page on FB as when they become available online. But I am now beginning to think that maybe a dedicated permanent page with links here on the main site might be a good idea. Let me think about that ... maybe. 
August 2018: back from St Helena, South Africa, Zimbabwe ... new chapters are in the making. bear with me please!
24 July 2018: finally, all new Croatia chapters (plus Trieste) are now finished and uploaded.
Now I can get ready for my upcoming trip to St Helena (and a bit of Zimbabwe and South Africa).
21 July 2018: just out is another article in the media, in German, that includes excerpts from an interview with me (external link - opens in a new window).
15 July 2018: the other day I spent a few interesting hours with a film team from Munich, Germany, doing a TV feature about dark tourism and hence came to interview me at home and on a short tour of some of Vienna's dark tourist attractions. One that appears online I'll post the link here. 
1 May 2018: I gave another interview not long ago that has meanwhile fed into this article on Stuff.co.nz (external link - opens in a new window). You can also check the article against the full text of the interview here.    
16 April 2018: I've just realized that I hadn't updated this section for over a whole year ... that's to the point of contradicting this section's very heading. Partly to blame is Facebook, where I run a DT page and it's there that I tend to post more immediate, breaking news as things happen these days. 
So what's been new on this site since last spring? Well, lots more new and updated chapters plus photos have been uploaded, for Germany, Britain and in particular Russia, which was my main research trip last year. 
This year, other than short family visits over the Xmas/New Year period, I've just been on a two weeks plus trip to Croatia, with a short side trip to Trieste, Italy. So you can expect a whole new bunch of full chapters for those places.
And for this summer I have a very exotic destination planned: St Helena, now finally reachable by air (rather than the week long voyage by boat both there and back) with some add-on in South Africa where I will finally by able to fill in gaps in Johannesburg.
That's as much as I can reveal about my travel plans at this stage. 
Looking back again, I'm still seriously behind updating and expanding my Belgium and France chapters. Please bear with me. I'll get there eventually ... 
Outside this website - I've given numerous media interviews that appeared in the press, radio and even TV (although that was but a snippet) in Britain, Austria, Russia and elsewhere ... plus even more numerous research interviews - the topic seems to establish itself ever more firmly as an academic subject too - and slowly also outside Britain, where it all started some 20 years ago. In the meantime I've also given interviews to students/researchers in Austria, Germany, Canada, USA and even India.
Generally, there seems to be a further growing interest in the topic of dark tourism. And, I am happy to observe, the general default negativity of representations of DT in the media is slowly beginning to wane. I've had a few much more sympathetic interviewers over this past year. Let's hope this development continues ...  
26 March 2017: all the new chapters for India and the Andaman Islands are now uploaded. Do take a look. 
22 Februray 2017: I'm in the media again, this time with a really good and well-balanced article in The Independent (external link, opens in a new window), based on an extensive interview I gave a couple of weeks ago. Well worth reading!
January 2017: just back from India - so a number of new chapters will be put up under that heading soon. I'll give that priority before I return to write the remaining European chapters that still need doing. As I said, I won't be running out of material any time soon ...
13 December 2016: New and updated chapters are now up under Germany and Poland. France, Belarus and Belgium will have to wait until I'm back from my next trip, which will take me to India for the first time ever. That'll be a mixed trip with lots of non-dark things (culinary delights, wildlife, architecture), and not as frantic and intense a research trip as last summer's, but it will also include some interesting dark sites, e.g. in Amritsar, and the Andaman Islands ... I won't be running out of material to write about any time soon, that much is certain ...
September 2016: just back from a long field trip across Europe, from Minsk in Belarus to Cherbourg in France. You can expect plenty of entirely new entries as well as substantially updated chapters to appear on this site over the next few months.
13 June 2016: further to the last entry here - there's an associated blog entry (external link) that's also of interest.
13 June 2016: just listened to this excellent interview about dark tourism (external link - opens in a new window). For once this one is almost completely devoid of the usual 'moral panic' attacks you so often get in the media; in fact it puts dark tourism in a proper context, which is very much appreciated. One of the interviewees, by the way, is a co-editor of the book "Dark Tourism and Place Identity". 
June 2016: long time no news posting ... sorry for the neglect. Meanwhile all the new USA chapters are up too, as are several new ones for Great Britain and Berlin - more are in the making, also for Slovenia. So do keep checking back. 
5 February 2016: following my latest field trip to the Caribbean, researching sites of dictatorship etc., the new Dominican Republic chapters are now all uploaded, with plenty of new photos too. With that out of the way I can finally get back to Hawaii/USA ...
14 December 2015: all the new Slovakia chapters are now up. Hawaii is nearly complete (except Pearl Harbor that still requires major revision and updating). The rest of that and the USA as well as the remainder for Spain will be my task in the new year. 
10 November 2015: long time since the last entry here. Meanwhile most of Spain is up, and I am currently working on Hawaii and the USA following my long summer field trip there. Futhermore I've just been on a short excursion into a country that so far is not yet covered on this site: Slovakia. Expect several new chapetrs to appear on that too before long. But it's a lot of work, so bear with me please. 
7 July 2015: all the updates and new chapters for Italy are now uploaded too.
Next big task is Spain ...  
15 June 2015: the new chapters for Chernobyl (now with separate subchapters on Pripyat and Chernobyl NPP and the Duga Installation) are now uploaded. Go and have a look! It really IS the No.1 dark tourism site in the world for me, now represented in full "glorious" detail (in the dark sense) and up to date! 
June 2015: now DT also has a page on Facebook! I'll aim at posting a Photo of the Day (almost) every day. These are selected from my large stock of photos from years of travelling as a dark tourist and so cover a wide range - this past week from nuclear sites to a cemetery with Pinochet junta victims, from Cold War relics to a smouldering volcano, from skulls of a Cambodian killing field to a war ruin in Bosnia/Herzegovina and environmental pollution in Kazakhstan. And that's just the beginning. Do go and follow the Facebook DT page (and please also "like" and "share" it, so its reach gets increased).
13 November 2014:  There's a new article out that I have written for the blog at Experience Travel Group (who are amongst my sponsored-pages partners, see here).
It's about my top-5 dark-tourism sights in Indonesia (external link - opens in a new window).
I think it looks pretty cool, if I may say so myself in all humbleness ... Content-wise there is obviously a lot of overlap with the relevant chapters on this website, but the texts (and some of the photos) are different and thus a worthwhile read for regular visitors to this site too. Do go and have a look. I also appreciate the nice words they have to say about me and my site, of course. 
19 September 2014: I'm in the papers! Well, in a specific Austrian tourism magazine, to be precise. It's called "FaktuM" and in its current edition (9/2014) it runs a four-page (pp 70-73) special article on dark tourism ... in German, of course. It's interestingly entitled "Licht ins Dunkel" - i.e. it aims at shedding light on dark tourism (remember, in the German-speaking world the term is not very well known ... yet). In it the author makes reference to dark-tourism.com and uses ample quotes from me too. These are mostly not from the website but from a presentation I gave in German at the University of Vienna earlier this summer.
Thankfully, the article is for once rather positive about dark tourism, i.e. it does not fall into the usual trap of "moral panic" (cf. here ) ... mainly because, unlike so many journalists who routinely slag it off without reflection, the author of this article did her homework beforehand.
The article gives a brief outline of the origin of dark tourism and the academic research of it, mentioning the iDTR and myself in the process, and in the second half concentrates on a specific instance of dark tourism, namely visiting ghost towns. Four such destinations are briefly introduced, namely Pompeii, Oradur-sur-Glane, Hashima island and Chernobyl/Pripyat. There are a couple of tiny inaccuracies, but on the whole I am very pleased indeed with this positive coverage of the topic of dark tourism in the media. May it set an example for others to follow too!
For those who can read German, here's a link to the online version of the article (external link) and the fully illustrated version can be found as a pdf-document here. In addition, here's a link to a manuscript for that presentation which I gave earlier and which this article quotes from at length; so you can check it all up in its full context. The manuscript is not 100% identical to the presentation (where I also spoke freely for some stretches), but it is the written version that is closest to it.  
September 2014: back from a long trip to South-East Asia, which was as exhausting as it was exhaustive, covering large parts of Indonesia, East Timor and Singapore. Processing all the photo material and writing up updates and entirely new chapters about all the places I visited on this trip will probably keep me very busy for most of the rest of the year ... and I haven't even finished writing up Latvia and Lithuania ...
August 2014: the redesign of this site is now more or less finished. Hope you like the new (and responsive) look. It's still a bit slow, though. I will have to look into that ...
17 July 2014: the re-design of the site is well on its way, just a few little things left to sort out. If that can't be done before I set off on my next big trip it will have to wait until I'm back. Keep fingers crossed.
10 June 2014: glossary links are working again! Slowly getting there with the re-design too ...
4 June 2014: The re-design saga continues. Photo galleries appear to be working alright again, but now all links to the glossary lead to 404 errors. Hope this can be fixed soon as it affects a huge number of links. grrrrrr
26 May 2014:  This site is currently undergoing a redesign, most of the time in the background, only occasionally can you already see the new template/interface design when things need to be tested. At other times (most of the time) it will still look largely as before. But: because of the ongoing work on the new design some functions, such as photo galleries, may at times not work properly while the site is switched into the old design mode. Once work on the new design is finished, it will be switched live permanently and hopefully all will work fine then. The main improvment the new design is intended to bring is that it will finally be "responsive", i.e. suitable for viewing on smartphones and tablets. Please bear with us during this transition period.
7 May 2014:  just back from a very intense trips to the Baltics - so you can soon expect a whole range of new chapters (and plenty of photos) about Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia. It's a lot of work, though, so it may take quite some time for it all to be completed.
March 2014:  there appear to be some mysterious dead links on the site - or rather: the links as such are fine, but when navigating in a certain sequence from subpage to subpage, their embedding in the site somehow gets lost and then a link may chuck you onto the home page instead of where it is suppoed to lead. As it is near impossible to determine at which point the connection gets lost along the way, it's a nasty problem. At present I have no clue as to how it could be rectified. Fortunately it doesn't happen often.
If it does happen to you I recommend that you navigate back to the page you've come from not by using your browser's back button but via the countries list or the menus at the top. That should normally sort it. 
15 January 2014: FINALLY, dark-tourism.com is "live", i.e. publicly accessible without password-protected logging-in.




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