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I am required by law to provide a standardized statement / legal notice about the authorship of this website and the associated business's seat, contact details, place of jurisdiction and the company's principal aim. Such a standardized notice is called in German "Impressum". 
This is a notoriously tricky legal term to translate. The most literal equivalent is "imprint" – and I'm using this here, despite the very valid caveat that the English term doesn't fully capture the semantic scope of the German term. The main purpose of the "imprint" is to make it easily possible for a reader to identify me and my business and see what legal status this website falls under (but see also disclaimer).
Similarly, the terms used in the description of the nature and purpose of the business may look at odds with what this website primarily does, but those are the terms I am obliged to use – in German, that is. The English version uses just rough approximations. 
However, since is based in Austria, what matters is that it complies with Austrian law. So the German version is the crucial one here (despite the fact that the website is otherwise largely in English). It will therefore also be given first. 
An English version follows only as a point of reference, so that readers who do not know any German can understand it too. But the German version remains the one that matters legally. 
Firmenname: e.U.
Inhaber: Dr. Peter Hohenhaus  
Rechtsform: eingetragenes Einzelunternehmen
Unternehmensgegenstand:  Ankündigungsunternehmen
Umsatzsteuer-Identifikations-Nummer (UID):  [noch nicht verfügbar]
Firmenbuchnummer:  FN 405777 g
Firmenbuchgericht: Handelsgericht Wien
Firmenanschrift: Rauscherstraße 6/42, 1200 Wien, Österreich
Kontaktdaten: E-Mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. , Tel.: +43-1-9253615
Anwendbare Rechtsvorschriften: Gewerbeordnung –
Berufsbezeichnung: selbständiger Einzelunternehmer
Blattlinie: Anliegen dieser Website ist es, Lesern Informationen bereit zu stellen zum Bereich Reise/Touristik, speziell im sogenannten "dark tourism" ('dunkler Tourismus'). Zusätzlich werden Hintergrundinformationen verschiedener Art geboten, sowie persönliche Einschätzungen und Empfehlungen. Die Website finanziert sich über Werbung und Sponsoren. Untergeordnet werden zudem Konsultationen als (gebührenpflichtiger) Service angeboten. Der Schwerpunkt aber liegt auf der Förderung und dabei auch Verbesserung des öffentlichen Images des "dark tourism" allgemein. 
Name of the business: e.U. 
Proprietor of the business: Dr Peter Hohenhaus
Legal status: registered company under sole proprietorship ('eingetragenes Einzelunternehmen')
Nature and purpose of the business: 'Ankündigungsunternehmen' [I have no neat translation for this Austrian legal term, but the concept includes dissemination of information, general advice and advertising]
Tax identification number (UID): [not yet available]
Austrian company register number (Firmenbuchnummer): FN 405777 g  
Registered at: Vienna Commercial Court (Handelsgericht Wien)
Seat of the business: Vienna, Austria
Physical/postal address of the business: Rauscherstraße 6/42, 1200 Vienna, Austria
Contact details: email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. , phone: +43-1-9253615
Applicable law: Austrian Trade Law (Gewerbeordnung) –
General aim/policy of the business ('Blattlinie'): to provide information in the area of travel/tourism, in particular in the special area of so-called dark tourism. Various additional background information is also given as well as personal views and recommendations. The business is financed through advertising and sponsorship. As a sideline, consultation is also offered as an extra (paid) service. The principal focus, however, is on promoting dark tourism, including the improvement of its public image, in general.     
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©, Peter Hohenhaus 2010-2019

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