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Q: So who's behind all this? 

A: Me! My name is Peter Hohenhaus, and I'm the author of all the texts on this website. I also shot all the photos used for illustration in the various chapters myself – with a few exceptions (see under photos). But of course I've also had help on other fronts, especially the technical side (see credits and thanks). 

For those who can only believe in a person's actual existence if they see a picture here we go, this is me:    


Peter Hohenhaus - the man behind dark-tourism dot com

Well, I should rather say that WAS me, quite a few years ago, namely in Greenland in August 2004. I deliberately picked a photo that was NOT taken at any dark travel destination. For one thing, singling a particular place out as the background for the image would potentially have been unfair towards all other places. Furthermore there is the ethical issue of posing for photos at dark sites in general (see ethical issues and photography). And because I've always had a natural reluctance towards having my picture taken at such sites, there simply aren't many shots I could have chosen from (and none of them were really any good anyway). Greenland, on the other hand, is neutral and unproblematic, as I wasn't there for any dark reasons whatsoever, just because I found it ultra cool! (see non-dark travel) That, and I hope I look halfway decent on it (which is by no means at all always the case), so I think I can get away with it.
About this website: it is my own undertaking, my own private enterprise, i.e. I'm my own boss, not employed by anyone else. That also means: no one pays me to run the site. In fact it costs me money. To counter the costs and eventually make the whole operation viable I am therefore dependent on ads and partners (see mission statement and wanted: sponsors and partners). But the actual content of every single page on dark-tourism.com is entirely my own work (and it's copyrighted! See disclaimer/terms of use and imprint). This also means that any errors in my texts are solely my own too – but please: if anyone notices any such errors, please notify me (Contact) so that I can put them right!
Those who want to know more about me and my background (outside and before dark-tourism.com, that is) can find some answers under the following headings (and if any burning questions remain open, there's always the option of contacting me):    

- personal background

- why this interest in dark tourism

- academic background

- credits and thanks





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