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This is what my academic writing scoreboard shows to date. It's listed in chronological order, first the bulk from my previous specialist field of linguistics, then my contributions to academic dark tourism research.

Language and linguistics:

- 1996: Ad-hoc-Wortbildung – Terminologie, Typologie und Theorie kreativer Wortbildung, Frankfurt a.M., Bern, etc.: Peter Lang, 505pp

- 1998: "Non-Lexicalizability - as a Characteristic Feature of Nonce-Formations in English and German", in: Lexicology 4.2, 237-280

- 1999: review of: Hans-Dieter Gelfert, Kleine Geschichte des deutschen und englischen Humors, München: Beck, 1998; in: InfoDaF 26.5, 515-520

- 2000 a): "An overlooked type of word-formation: dummy-compounds in German and English", in: Hall, Christopher & David Rock (eds.) German Studies towards the Millennium  (= CUTG-Proceedings Volume 2 – CUTG Keele 1999), Bern, etc.: Peter Lang, 241-260.

- 2000 b): "Zur Verwendung humoristischen Materials im DaF-Unterricht", in: InfoDaF 27.4-6, 433-448

- 2001 a): Humor (Reader der DAAD-Arbeits-Gemeinschaft Humor), with Susanne Even, Heike Elisabeth Jüngst, Anke Neibig, Kristine Thelen, Christine Willig. Bonn, London: DAAD. 282 pp
[my contribution: eight out of the 26 main chapters, joint-author of a separate chapter on theory (with S. Even), additional editing of introduction, tables, appendices, bibliography etc., cover-layout, as well as compilation and digital editing of accompanying audio-visual materials]

- 2001 b): "‘Neuanglodeutsch‘ – Zur vermeintlichen Bedrohung des Deutschen durch das Englische", in: German as a Foreign Language (GFL) 3:1, 57-87, at:  or:

- 2002 a): "Taking the Risk: Using Humour in Language Teaching", in: Bance, Allan & Daniela Berghahn (eds.), Millennial Essays on Film and Other German Studies (= CUTG-Proceedings Volume 3, CUTG Southampton 2000), Bern etc.: Peter Lang, 177-193  

- 2002 b): "Standardization, language change, resistance and the question of linguistic threat: 18th century English and present-day German", in: Linn, Andrew & Nicola McLelland (eds.), Standardization Studies in the Germanic Languages, Amsterdam: Benjamins, 153-178

- 2004: "Identical Constituent Compounding – A Corpus-Based Study", in: Folia Linguistica 38/3-4, 297-331

- 2005 a): "Elements of traditional and 'reverse' purism in relation to computer-mediated communication", in: Langer, Nils & Winifred Davies (eds.), Linguistic Purism in the Germanic Languages. Berlin, New York: De Gruyter, 2005, 186-202

- 2005 b): "Lexicalization and Institutionalization", in: Lieber, Rochelle & Pavol Štekauer (eds.), Handbook of Word-Formation, Dordrecht: Springer, 353-373

- 2006: "Bouncebackability – A Web-as-corpus-based case study of a new formation, its interpretation, generalization/spread and subsequent decline", SKASE online journal of theoretical linguistics 3.2, 17-27; at:

- 2007: "How to do (even more) things with nonce words (other than naming)", in: Munat, Judith (ed.), Lexical Creativity, Amsterdam: Benjamins, 15-38

- forthcoming (or not?): "Where word-formation cannot extend the lexicon: creativity, productivity and the lexicon in synchronic and diachronic morphology", in: Kastovsky, Dieter (ed.) Lexical Change and the History of the English Vocabulary

(About the latter I have to say that I don't actually know whether it really is still "forthcoming", whether it has meanwhile appeared or whether it ever will. I wrote and submitted the manuscript not so long after a conference paper I gave in 2001. The editing of the proceedings of this conference then dragged on and on year after year – so much so that I was even given the opportunity to update the text a little a few years back. But since then I've not heard anything further about the fate of the book, and haven't been able to find any information about the title online … Meanwhile I have also learned that, sadly, the edtor of the volume, Dieter Kastovsky, passed away in 2012. I fear the book project may have gone with him. But if that is so then that's still nothing compared to the loss of Dieter himself. His was really an untimely demise in so many ways, what with all the plans he still had ... it was quite a shock to learn of this. UPDATE: I've meanwhile had confirmation from the publisher that the book project has indeed been cancelled, so this article will either never appear or it will have to be in a different form somewhere else, provided I find the time and inclination to update it.)
- 2015: "Anti-naming through non-word-formation", in: A Festschrift for Pavol Štekauer, special number of SKASE Journal of Theoretical Linguistics, vol 12, No.3, 2015, 272-291
- 2016: review article of Pius ten Hacken & Claire Thomas (eds.) The Semantics of Word Formation and Lexicalization. Edinburgh: Edinburgh University Press, 2013, in Word Structure 9.1, (2016), 103-123

Dark Tourism research:

- March 2013: "Commemorating and Commodifying the Rwandan Genocide: Memorial Sites in a Politically Difficult Context" in Leanne White & Elspeth Frew (eds) Dark Tourism and Place Identity: Marketing, Managing and Interpreting Dark Places (Routledge)


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