Hamburg's "underworlds" bunker tours

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Like Berlin and other cities, Hamburg too has its WWII air-raid shelters and Cold War nuclear bunkers, some of which can be visited by tourists on specialist guided tours. The Hamburg equivalent to the "Berliner Unterwelten" association is called "Hamburger Unterwelten", and there is even a second such organisation called "unter Hamburg" (literally 'under Hamburg' – also quite apt).
Both offer various tours of different sites. Unlike their Berlin-based counterpart, however, they do not offer regularly scheduled tours that you can simply turn up for. Instead all tours have to be signed up for in advance – well in advance: they often book out weeks or even months ahead of their scheduled date.
While "Hamburger Unterwelten" seems to aim more at locals, or at least only Germans, and makes no mention of a possibility of English-language tours, their "rival" association "unter Hamburg" does positively invite English speaking visitors and provides this email address for contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . Just ask what they can offer. It's advisable to do so well in advance.
As regards costs: the normal tours (in German) with both associations cost in the region of 5 to 10 EUR per person; specially arranged English-language tours are likely to be more expensive. I haven't been on any of their tours yet, as I haven't been to Hamburg long enough in recent years, and their tours tend to book out so far in advance. But hopefully one day I will be able to give a first-hand report here.

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