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Atomic bombing sites

/ nuclear weapons

– Reggane and In EkkerAlgeria

– Australia (Emu Fields, Maralinga)

– Montebello IslandsAustralia

– Le Redoutable nuclear submarineFrance

– Military History MuseumDresdenGermany

– Hack Green secret nuclear bunkerGreat Britain

Imperial War Museum, London, Great Britain

IWM DuxfordGreat Britain

IWM North, ManchesterGreat Britain

RAF Cosford, Great Britain

– A-Bomb Dome, HiroshimaJapan

– Atomic Bomb Museum, NagasakiJapan

– Fukuro-machi Elementary school, Hiroshima, Japan

– HiroshimaJapan

– Honkawa Elementary School, HiroshimaJapan

– NagasakiJapan

– Peace Memorial Museum, HiroshimaJapan

– Peace Memorial Park, HiroshimaJapan

– ChaganKazakhstan

– Ecomuseum, KaragandaKazakhstan

– Museum of the Semipalatinsk Test Site, KurchatovKazakhstan

– the Polygon – Semipalatinsk nuclear test siteKazakhstan

– Plokstine missile baseLithuania

– Norwegian Industrial Workers Museum, VemorkNorway

– BikiniPacific

– TinianPacific

Monino Central Air Force MuseumRussia

Bunker-42, MoscowRussia

Cosmonautics Museum, MoscowRussia

Polytechnic Museum, MoscowRussia

Sakharov centre, MoscowRussia

– Russian Nuclear Weapons Museum, Sarov, Russia

– Strategic Missile Base, PervomayskUkraine

– Atomic testing Museum, Las Vegas, NevadaUSA

– the "Bockscar" at the USAF museum, Dayton, OhioUSA

– the "Enola Gay" at the Smithsonian, Washington D.C.USA

– US Air Force Museum, Dayton, OhioUSA

– Los Alamos, New MexicoUSA

Hanford, Washington State, USA

– Minuteman Missile National Historic Site, South DakotaUSA

Oscar-Zero Minuteman Site, North Dakota, USA

– NTS, NevadaUSA

– Nuclear Museum, Albuquerque, New MexicoUSA

– Titan Missile Museum, ArizonaUSA

– Trinity, New MexicoUSA

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