Dark destinations ordered by category

(Cf. also the outline of the broader basic categories of dark tourism and the section on categories of tourism overlapping with dark tourism as well as the delimitation of those considered beyond dark tourism proper here.)  

dead on display

medical exhibitions

cemeteries, graves


catacombs, crypts, ossuaries

funeral museums

murder/assassination sites

suicide sites




prisons/detention & torture centres


concentration camps

death camps

'euthanasia' / medical crimes



Jewish heritage sites

Nazi sites

communism sites

socialist realism

cult of personality

revolution/resistance sites

World War One sites

World War II sites

post-WWII war sites

Cold War sites

Iron Curtain/fortified borders

missile launch sites


underground dark sites

atomic bombing/nuclear weapons

nuclear installations

industrial disasters/wastelands

natural disaster sites

environmental disaster sites




ghost towns

emigration sites

middle-of-nowhere sites



other dark and weird places


There is some overlap between these categories in many cases, but that's actually a good thing because a certain place can of course be of interest to the traveller for various reasons, sometimes for several reasons at the same time. Some of the categories are not actually categories of dark, strictly speaking, but rather general categories, e.g. cities, which however can also be also useful. Within each category, the individual places are ordered by country, in alphabetical order of first country, then name of the site. As usual: if you can't find a particular place or a category you're looking for, refer to the index – it might be that it's subsumed under an entry with a different heading.

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