Dark destinations – list of countries by continent

A simple alphabetical list of all the countries whose dark destinations are covered on this website can be found on the left-hand side, or, if you are viewing this on a smaller tablet or phone screen, on this separate alphabetical country list page.

Below is a grouping of all those countries by continent: Africa, Americas, Asia, Australia, Europe, plus Antarctica as well as the Atlantic and Pacific.

For destinations arranged thematically according to categories go here. Other groupings are also to be found in various lists, such as the darkometer ranking list.

If you can't find the country you're looking for, try going via the index – it could be that the country in question is listed here under a different designation; e.g. since Great Britain and Northern Ireland have separate entries of their own, you won't find the "UK" listed here, although it is of course covered, and e.g. England is subsumed under Great Britain. Similarly, dark places in states that no longer exist under their old name, such as the USSR or GDR, are now covered under Russia and Germany, respectively, while the old states that have ceased to exist as such may still be given a brief entry of their own in the glossary.


Algeria        Congo (DRC)      Cape Verde       Ghana          Libya        Rwanda        

Senegal         Ethiopia           South Africa          Uganda          Zimbabwe


North:   Canada        USA       Mexico

Central:     El Salvador        Guatemala        Mexico         Nicaragua
Caribbean:  Cuba       Curacao     Dominican Republic      Montserrat

South:    Argentina         Bolivia         Chile       Colombia        French Guyana
              Guyana         Suriname        Venezuela

ASIA (including Central Asia, the Caucasus and the Middle East):

Andaman & Nicobar     Bangladesh      Cambodia       China      East Timor      
India        Indonesia        Japan      North Korea       Okinawa        the Philippines      
Singapore        South Korea      Sri Lanka         Taiwan        Thailand        Vietnam

Central Asia:        Kazakhstan         Turkmenistan        Uzbekistan

Caucasus:    Armenia      Azerbaijan      Georgia      Nagorno-Karabakh

The Middle East:    Israel       Turkey

Bikini      Easter Island      Hawaii      Marquesas      Nauru     Okinawa     Tinian

EUROPE  (western, central, northern, southern & Balkans, eastern):

Western Europe:      Great Britain       Ireland (Republic)      Northern Ireland
                                Channel Islands       France       Portugal      Spain      Gibraltar

Central Europe:  Austria    Belgium    Germany    The Netherlands   Switzerland

Northern Europe:   Great Britain     Ireland (Republic)       Northern Ireland
                              Denmark      Norway    Svalbard      Sweden      Iceland

Southern Europe & Balkans

Albania      Bulgaria      Bosnia & Herzegovina      Croatia     Cyprus      Greece

Italy      Macedonia        Malta        Montenegro      Romania      Serbia       
Slovenia          Slovakia       Turkey      Vatican

Eastern Europe

Belarus       Bulgaria       Czech Republic       Estonia       Hungary    

Latvia      Lithuania      Poland        Romania        Russia    

Serbia       Slovakia      Transnistria & Moldova       Ukraine

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