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First and foremost, the 2018 Netflix series "Dark Tourist" by David Farrier has to be mentioned here
An earlier single-part documentary that is specifically and explicitly about dark tourism is:
"Dark Tourism" (Canada, 2007-2008) – click the title to open a full review
Apart from that there are of course scores of films and TV broadcasts that in one way or another touch on issues related to dark tourism or feature specific sites of dark tourism and/or the reasons why they are dark. This would include most, if not all, of the many films about the Vietnam War or the Holocaust. There are way too many such films to list them all here, so a short, personal selection will have to do here – see below.
As regards documentaries, I have hundreds in my personal archives, and maybe one day I'll attempt the huge task of putting together a list to post here. But right now that's not my priority … but it's not such a pressing issue from the reader's perspective either, since so many documentaries are in any case not as easily available on the open market as are feature films.
Here's a short, totally eclectic, list of recommended feature films, ordered by topic:


"The Pianist" directed by Roman Polanski

"Schindler's List" directed by Steven Spielberg

"Escape from Sobibor"

"The Grey Zone"


    "Downfall" ("Der Untergang")
The GDR and the Stasi:
   "The Life of Others" ("Das Leben der Anderen")
   "Goodbye Lenin"

Vietnam War:

    "Full Metal Jacket" by Stanley Kubrick

    "Apocalypse Now"


    cf. also "The Killing Fields"

World War Three:

    "Threads" (BBC series)

Cambodian genocide:

    "The Killing Fields"

Rwandan genocide:

    "Hotel Rwanda"

    "Shooting Dogs"

    "Shake Hands with the Devil"

    "Sometimes in April"

    "100 Days"

    "Operation Turquoise"

    "Earth Made of Glass"

The 1990s War in Bosnia:

    "No Man's Land"


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