Russian Nuclear Weapons Museum

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A museum in Russia on the topic of nuclear weapons – allegedly inspired by its equivalent in Albuquerque, USA. Supposedly, various Soviet-built nuclear bombs and warheads, or rather replicas thereof, are on display – allegedly including as the star piece one of the Tsar Bomba. The latter was by far the most massive thermonuclear device ever detonated (at ca. 50 megatons, its yield was several times bigger than the USA's largest nuclear test ever, the 15 megaton Castle Bravo on Bikini). But it is not entirely clear whether it is in this museum or at a sister institution at the other main nuclear city in Russia, Chelyabinsk (not to be visited, see Mayak). It appears that visits are by appointment and guided tour. No information about costs and opening times seem to be available online, nor an exact address.

The museum is (allegedly) located in the town of Sarov, formerly a closed city and still a major nuclear laboratory centre, ca. 250 miles (400 km) south-east of Moscow. How accessible it may be for foreigners is hard to tell … I wouldn't expect it to be easy …


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